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Chemistry Links

Science in the "Real World"

CNN Student News - Read current news about chemistry and other science topics.

Smithsonian Education - Online articles including virtual tours, online exhibits, and pictures addressing a variety of science topics.


General Chemistry Review

Calvocade o' Chemistry - Visit the Helpdesk for tutorials, extra practice problems, and more.

Chemistry Tutor - Check out this site for helpful info!


Specific Chemistry Topics

WebElements Periodic Table - One of many great online periodic tables.

Measurement Tutorials and Drills - Use the drills to practice or get more help with this collection of sites on units, sig figs, scientific notation, and more. (Some activities require paid membership.)

Come Together: An Internet Sampler on Chemical Bonding - An interactive activity that provides an introduction to the different types of bonding.

Balancing Equations - Great tutorial with animations and practice problems.

ChemBalancer - Game format to practice balancing equations.

Chemical Structures - View VSEPR shapes and examples.

Molecular Modeling - Download the Chime plug-in to view and rotate 3D molecular models! Includes a tutorial on VSEPR Theory, polartiy, and intermolecular forces.

Gas Laws Tutorial - Great tutorial with animations.

Gas Laws Practice - Drill and practice all types of gas law problems with immediate feedback.

Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Law & Gas Stoichiometry - PowerPoint practice problems.

Phase Changes & Heating Curves - Watch this QuickTime movie representation of what happens as a substance is heated.


Texas and Northside ISD

NISD Science - The Northside ISD page devoted to science curriculum and instruction.

NISD Science TAKS Review Site - Brief reviews and self-quizzes of TAKS topics in biology, chemistry, and physics.

NISD Academic Standards - District standards for chemistry and many other courses.

Chemistry TEKS - State of Texas guidelines for chemistry.


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